5 Best Boarding Schools in Chicago [2023]

Best Boarding Schools In Chicago [2023]

Are you looking for the Best Boarding Schools in Chicago? This article contains the 5 best boarding schools in Chicago, what they are about, their cost, requirements, admission details, and deadlines.

List of Boarding Schools in Chicago 2023

The list of boarding schools in Chicago has been listed below. However, we’ve picked the 2023 best boarding schools in Chicago, and have been listed in this article.

  • Chicago Hope Academy
  • Academy of St Benedict
  • Lubavitch Girls High School
  • Morgan Park Academy
  • Chicago Military Academy
  • Lake Forest Academy
  • Jesse Spalding School
  • Bnos Rabbeinu Girls High School
  • Carver Military Academy High School
  • Resurrection College Prep High School

Cheapest Boarding Schools in Chicago 2023

if you are searching for the cheapest boarding school in Chicago that can fit into your budget, then you should try considering any of these schools below.

  • NorthStar Academy
  • Brehm Preparatory School
  • Francis W. Parker School
  • Daystar Academy
  • British International School Chicago
  • Chicago Waldorf School
  • Chicago Friends School
  • Chicago City Day School
  • GEMS World Academy Chicago
  • Bennett Day School

Best Private Boarding Schools in Chicago 2023

If you are searching for the best private boarding schools in Chicago, then you can  consider any of these 13 private schools listed below.

  • Chicago Jewish Day School
  • Chicago Hope Academy
  • Fusion Academy Lincoln Park
  • Holy Family School
  • Catherine Cook School
  • Morgan Park Academy
  • Northside Catholic Academy
  • Brickton Montessori School
  • Brother Rice High School
  • Chicago Friends School
  • Daystar Academy
  • Acellus Academy
  • British International School Chicago
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Is it good to send your child to a boarding school?

Absolutely, yes. It is good to send your child to a boarding school because it will help your child learn how to become independent, live a standard lifestyle and get accustomed to discipline. These boarding schools will help sharpen the mindset of your kid and help him/her academically and otherwise.

At what age should a child go to a boarding school?

Apparently, It all depends on when your child is ready, once you know your child is ready and mature you can then take him/her to a nearby boarding school. In U.S, the most common entry points for boarding school are 9th and 10th grades, hence students are between the ages of 14 and 18.

Best Boarding Schools In Chicago 2023

If you are looking for the best boarding schools in Chicago, then you should consider these list below.

#1. Marian Catholic High School Amerigo Education

Marian Catholic High School is a private catholic college-preparatory, coeducational high school with deep roots in the community.

Marian Catholic High School is an exclusive partner of Amerigo Chicago and boasts of its diverse student population from over 70 zip codes around the world.

The school has been recognized twice as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and named by the U.S. News & World Report as among the top schools in the country,

Marian Catholic High School is a leader of all Chicagoland schools, public and private, in every facet of academic assessment, such as Advanced Placement, ACT, PSAT, and PLAN.

Marian Catholic High School Cost:

The cost of schooling (including boarding, leisure, and activities for the program) is $60,000 for an academic year ($30,000 per semester).

Additionally, you will pay an entrance fee of $5000 to cover some necessities. Also, there are some additional fees you will pay in the course of learning (most times, they are optional). 

Marian Catholic High School Admission Requirements:

You must be at least 14 years of age. Below are the requirements you must fulfil to secure admission in Marian Catholic High School. 

  • Copy of passport
  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers
  • Language test: TOEFL from 59 or IELTS from 5.0 and above.
  • Academic results of 2.5 GPA and higher
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Marian Catholic High School Admission Deadline

The class of 2023 Admission Application Deadline is Thursday, December 1, 2022.

#2. Wayland Academy Private School

Wayland Academy is a private, coeducational college preparatory boarding high school founded in 1855. It is situated in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, United States.

The school boasts of having 23 AP classes, 20 student clubs, and a wide range of arts and athletics. So as a student, you have the opportunity to explore high-quality academic and extracurricular activities needed to build your leadership skills.

Wayland Academy Fee Cost:

The tuition is approximately $20,655 for private students.

Wayland Academy Admission Requirements:

Below are the steps to take to secure admission in Wayland Academy.

  • Complete your application. All applications should be completed and submitted before February 15.
  • Transcripts for​ the past two​ years.​ You​ can​ submit it online via admission@wayland.org.
  • Two teacher recommendations later. One from a science/math teacher and the other from a social studies, history, or English teacher.
  • Schedule an interview via zoom or on campus throughout the year.
  • For international non-native English speakers, you must provide an acceptable English proficiency test. It can be TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo.

Wayland Academy Admission Deadline:

Dec. 1 / Feb. 15

#3. Lake Forest Academy private school

Lake Forest Academy is one of the best boarding schools in Chicago. It is a private co-educational college preparatory school (for boarding and day students) in grades 9 through 12.

The school is founded in 1857 and is located on the North Shore in Lake Forest,Illinois, United States. The school offers a holistic, student-centered education, that stretches beyond the classroom curriculum.

LFA offers excellent academics, service-learning, arts, and athletics programs to build students in all areas.

Lake Forest Academy Cost:

The cost of tuition for boarding students is $66,570. International students pay an additional $2,400. Also, there is an extra admission application fee which is $2,250.

The school offers financial aid, which ranges from $10,000 to $15,000, and you don’t need an extra application. This ends on January 15th, 2023.

Lake Forest Academy Admission Requirements

  • School student’s motivation letter
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers.
  • Entrance exams (English and some selective subjects)
  • Outstanding academic performance.

Lake Forest Academy Admission Application Deadline

The admission application deadline for Lake Forest Academy is Jan. 31, 2023. 

#4.Chicago North Shore (Carmel Catholic High School)

Carmel Catholic High School is a five-time National Blue Ribbon School. This makes it one of the best boarding schools in Chicago. It was established in 1962 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The school runs grades 9 to 12 and for students between the ages of 14 to 18.

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The school offers expansive stem courses, including engineering and computer science courses. Also, it offers an astronomy program taught by a NASA Ambassador.

The Carmel Catholic Robotics Team is ranked #1 in the World, after beating more than 5,000 teams at the 2019 First Tech Challenge World Cup.

Carmel Catholic High School Cost:

From 72950.00 $ / year

Carmel Catholic High School Admission Requirements

You must be at least 14 years of age. Below are the requirements you must fulfil to secure admission.

  • Copy of passport
  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers
  • Language test: TOEFL from 59 or IELTS from 5.0 and above.
  • Academic results of 2.5 GPA and higher

Carmel Catholic High School Admission Application Deadline

The Freshman Admissions application deadline is February 21, 2023.

#5.Moraine Valley Community College

Moraine Valley Community College is a public community college founded in 1967 and located in Palos Hills, Illinois. Also, the college operates satellite centers in Blue Island and Tinley Park.

Moraine Valley community offers excellent academic programs and extracurricular activities. The college has 40 clubs and organizations in which students can participate.

Also, Moraine Valley provides several facilities where students can relax or spend their free time, including the library, fitness & recreation center, fine and performing arts center, student union, the health, and a 1.45-mile jogging path.

Moraine Valley College Cost:

The school charges a $2 per credit hour college activities fee, a $10 per credit hour technology fee, and a $10 per credit hour construction/infrastructure fee. The admission application fee is $25. It is a one-time, non-refundable fee charged at the time of application. Also, the student ID costs $3 each semester. Also, some classes have special material fees and labs.

Also, Moraine Valley offers more than 60 scholarships, and students occupying the top 10 positions of their high school class may be eligible for free tuition!

Moraine Valley College Admission Requirements

You are eligible to enrol at Moraine Valley Community College if you are:

  • A GED certificate or other High School Equivalency certificate
  • High school students must be at least 16 years old at the time of registration.
  • A completed high school authorization form.

Moraine Valley College Admission Application Deadline

Moraine runs an “open door” admission policy, which means you can apply at any time, get accepted, and start at any semester.

The above are the five best boarding schools in Chicago. They differ in grades covered, level of exposure, and comprehensiveness of activities. Go through them and select the one that best goes with your interest, ambitions, and budget.

If you have any question on the Best Boarding Schools in Chicago, let us know via the comment section below.


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